It’s my first electric guitar, and I’ve loved it since. Repair Services Also Available. Contact Us sales axcontrol. Skip to main content. Designated trademarks, brand names and brands appearing herein are the property of their respective owners. What i like most about it is that it definitely lets you stand out in a crowd.

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The volume crackled, but it wasn’t too bad. Please give us a call or send through an RFQ for pricing warranty information. It’s definitely an attitude guitar. Insatisfait e des avis ci-contre? Be the first to id300c a review. Of course this is just a matter of personal preference and opinion, as I’m sure there are some people’s hands who fit this guitar perfectly.

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This is a more radically shaped Les Paul. Cela dit, on peut facilement obtenir un formulaire joli son de l’ AH 1 et 2 micros, et peut vraiment rock choses. For being a Korean made, bolt on neck guitar, this 6 string stole my heart quickly.

Demander un nouvel avis. I did try other models, but at the time, they definitely were not in my limited price range.


I much prefer the mahogany bodied guitars instead of the basswood ones. Worth a gander for those interested in guitars suiting the genre They seem to be a bit better, overall. It’s not as good as the other oc300c out there, and it’s intended for those who can’t afford the higher end models. These relays, which AX Micor stocks and repairs, allow the user to monitor various protection elements in their application such as trips, alarms, blocks, etc.

In fact, I find them to be usually dead sounding when compared to other, lighter guitars out there.


Please let us know if you are looking for additional GE Fanuc Lines, as we have numerous sourcing channels available. What’s worse is that the guitar itself didn’t seem to be all that resonant. I would probably make the same choice given what I know now about the guitar. The GV line consists of multi-purpose AC drives that offer stand-alone micrk and variable speed motors.

The guitar has 24 frets and two humbucker pick ups. Copyright – AX Control Inc.


What i like most about it is that it definitely lets you stand out in a crowd. Our stock includes both obsolete and current drives series, ranging from HP in most cases. Getting a nice sound is definitely a relative thing here I have a soft spot for this line due to its use in some of my favorite bands, such as Kiss and White Zombie. The single cutaway provides easy access to the top notes, and I’ve never had a problem playing anywhere on the neck. L’ergonomie est un peu bizarre avec cette corne en bas qui cogne tout ce qu’elle rencontre.


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This was a steal when I got it used with a hardshell case, so I did not want to let someone else get it before I did. I’m not an expert for this type of music, but it’s got a very heavy sound. A revolutionary NEW Microfibre fabric.